POLATOM consists of numerous experimental and theoretical groups, which are located all over Europe. Both fields, that of exciton-polaritons, as well as that of cold atoms, are multidisciplinary and require combined knowledge from many different fields of physics. The main goals of the POLATOM network include the following:

  • To keep up with all the important developments of the two rapidly-developing fields
  • To promote the research on the two fields. Both have shown remarkable achievements, and have the potential for further progress and important technological applications
  • To develop links and to trigger collaborations amongst the scientists working on the two fields. Given the many common problems that appear in these two fields, investigating the possibilities of applying ideas from one field to the other is one of the basic goals of the present network
  • To develop links between the above fields and the field of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology – which is a very extensive, highly diverse, and multidisciplinary field – has been making impressive progress in fabricating and studying mesoscopic/nanoscale systems and devices. This has strong parallels to the field of polariton condensates and to cold-atomic physics. It is clear that many of the key goals are now attainable, and a coordinated exchange of knowledge within Europe will certainly have a very substantial impact
  • To investigate the links of the two fields with other fields
  • To provide, through the regular scientific meetings, not only a forum for presentation of papers, but also sessions of a pedagogic character, in which young researchers will learn new approaches and will swap ideas. The various activities that will be organized will give junior scientists the chance to interact with the leading European research groups in the two fields, and to build up contacts with a truly European perspective for the future. The network will also have an extensive link to the already existing Graduate Schools that various members of the Network are coordinating, or are involved in
  • To make links with other networks and relevant activities on similar and/or related problems, and to serve as a natural continuation of other networking programs, which have been completed recently
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