Travel Grants

POLATOM supports short visits and exchange grants.

POLATOM supports collaborations among groups in the field by short-visit grants for periods of up to three days. These will allow reciprocal visits between most of the centres, and will provide a resource to help introduce new contacts to the Network.

POLATOM also finances exchange grants covering stays between two weeks to six months. These will allow extended work by researchers visiting host laboratories within the Network to permit exchange of experimental facilities and expertise, and also allow more substantial theoretical projects to be undertaken collaboratively.

Applications may be submitted online on the ESF website, and they will be received on a continuous basis. Please visit the following address for details:

Current ESF Research Networking Programmes in Physical and Engineering Sciences


  • Applications must be made through the ESF form.
    Do not contact the members of the Committee directly
    about any application.
  • Normally POLATOM wishes to distribute funds widely
    and applicants should understand this when considering
  • No new applications for networking events will be
    accepted besides the already existing networking plan.
  • Travel grants should not exceed the duration of 3 months.


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