This is the website of the POLATOM ESF Research Networking Programme

The principal goals of the POLATOM Network are twofold. Firstly, to develop further the research fields of exciton/polariton condensates in semiconductor nano-structures, and that of cold atoms, promoting the collaboration between the scientists who work on these two fields. Secondly, to contribute to the development of technological applications, linking these two fields to nanotechnology. These areas have expanded dramatically in recent years, with remarkable achievements. The experimental developments in the field of cold atoms have made it possible to manipulate even single atoms, bringing future device design based on novel forms of matter within reach. The field of polaritons is at the forefront of condensed matter physics and is particularly rich in its interplay of theoretical predictions and their experimental realization.

The present Network combines a number of groups working at the front of the two fields of polaritons and of cold atoms in Europe, with a good balance between theory and experiment, and all the necessary prerequisites that will allow us to attain the goals of the Network. Through the combined knowledge of the groups which participate, as well as the scientists who will become involved in its activities, the Network seeks to promote research in Europe in these highly interdisciplinary fields.

The goals will be met by the organization of annual conferences and schools, which will provide the main forum for information exchange. Delivery of results will be fostered by provision of bursaries for long-term laboratory visits by researchers, in order to allow swapping of experimental and theoretical capabilities between project centres. Shorter discussion visits will also be funded to allow assessment and interpretation of results on a face-to-face basis.

Our Network fits well with other ESF activities. One of its central aims is to make links with other networks and relevant activities on similar and/or related problems, and to serve as a natural continuation of other networking programs.

The running period of the ESF POLATOM Research Networking Programme is 5 years, from June 2010 to June 2015.

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